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ValueGB Pro [Taiwan] 10GB Data Card for 10 Days

ValueGB Pro [Taiwan] 10GB Data Card for 10 Days

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- Area of ​​use: Taiwan 4G
- Network provider: Chunghwa Telecom
- Use period: Valid for 10 days from the day the card is successfully opened.
- Last activation date: 31/12/2024
- Requires "data roaming" to be enabled in phone settings
- Data usage: When data usage reaches 10GB , Internet service will be suspended

- This card only provides mobile data services and does not provide voice call minutes.
- Supports mobile hotspot data sharing, data cannot be shared after speed limit.
- Support Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, Google and other services.
- Can make Whatsapp calls and Wechat calls
- There is no value-added function for this SIM card

- This card does not require real-name registration - can share data via wifi or be used for wifi eggs
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