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WERO Thunderbolt4 200CM

WERO Thunderbolt4 200CM

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Brand: WERO

Specifications: Thunderbolt™ 4

Length: 200CM


WERO original 40G fast charging PD240W

Thunderbolt 34/USB4 high-speed 5/8K data cable

Intel certified Thunderbolt™ 4 Thunderbolt 4 full function

19-core coaxial cable, JHL5040 chip

Intel official Thunderbolt™ certification brand (Thunderbolt™ certification program aims to help manufacturers develop and design Thunderbolt devices or peripheral products to comply with the unified certification standards and specifications published by Intel and Apple. For verification of compliance, performance and other aspects, it will Ensure that products using Thunderbolt can achieve high-speed transmission and high compatibility performance, so that successfully certified devices can effectively communicate with specific operating systems at high speed, creating an optimal transmission interface user experience.)

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