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Your Mobile【Hong Kong】160GB Data Annual Card 4G

Your Mobile【Hong Kong】160GB Data Annual Card 4G

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- Area of ​​use: Hong Kong
- Network provider: Your Mobile (CSL)
- Period of use: Valid for 365 days starting from the day the card is successfully opened.
- Last activation date: 31/03/2024
-Real -name registration is required to use the service

-Activation after real-name registration costs $298, 150GB per year
(Free 2,000 minutes of local calls)
Please press *101*199*15# to type

Two ways to play with additional data
1. Enable China, Australia and Taiwan 2GB/365 days roaming data
*101*601*24# type
2. Enable Hong Kong 10GB/365 days Hong Kong data
*101*199*2481# Type

- Supports mobile hotspot data sharing
- Can share data via wifi or use it as a wifi egg.

- Support Facebook, Wechat, Whatsapp, Google and other services.

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